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Broxbourne Sailing Club provides a racing calendar suitable for all sailors - those who like to race against their own class, those who want to race in the summer only, those who want to have serious races, and those who want an informal race to hone their skills. There is a race for everyone at Broxbourne Sailing Club. For more information take a look at our calendar, and you can see the variety.

We have racing events every weekend and some on weekday evening in the summer. Loosly speaking the racing programme is based on the following:

  • Wednesdays - Spring/Summer Only (April to Sepember)

    We have one informal race thaat starts and lasts for around 1 hour, light depending, which starts at 19:15. Around 6 races make up each series and there are 3 in total. At the end of the Wedensday sailing season, a Midweek Trophy event is held as a one off event.

  • Saturdays - All year round

    Youth sailing occurs on a Saturday morning. In the afternoon, we have two races, the first being predominantly youth although adults are given a start of ther own 5 minutes after, and the secon race is everyone together. These informal races started a few years ago and have proved popular throughout the club. The first race starts at about 13:00 and the secon at around 14:00 although these times are subject to change. On average there are 5 races for each series, and 5 series each season.

  • Sundays - All year round

    Our formal racing takes place every Sunday. We have a number of different events from individual cups, to series and pursuit races. Our handicap series' are most common where we section boats off into flying fifteen, medium and slow fleets with three different starts. Races are on average 1hr 30 minutes in the morning and 1hr in the afternoon and start at 10:45 and 13:00 respectively.


While we allow all classes of dinghy to enter our events, we always have a strong presence from the follwing classes. This is not an exhaustive list and if you own another class of dinghy, don't let this stop you from bringing it down to club, as we have such a mixed ability of sailors you'll be sure to have find a good race whatever you sail!

  • International Flying Fifteen
  • Streaker
  • Phantom
  • Solution
  • Laser
  • Topper
Upcoming Racing Events
Sun 21st Jan10:45Backbone Trophy1/2
Sun 21st Jan13:00Backbone Trophy2/2
Sun 18th Feb10:45Warm Up Race1/2
Sun 18th Feb13:00Warm Up Race2/2
Sat 24th Feb13:00Saturday Series 11/5